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The following information is from the Census 2000

Population for the City of Montgomery: 201,568
Population for the Greater Metropolitan Area: 346,528
Central Time Zone


Average Annual Temperature: 67.2°
Average Winter Temperature: 49.4°
Average Summer Temperature: 83.6°
Average Rainfall: 44.46"

Located in central Alabama at the intersection of Interstate
Highway 85 (east and west) and Interstate Highway 65 (north and
south), Montgomery is 164 miles southwest of Atlanta, 92 miles
south of Birmingham, and 155 miles north of Mobile and the Gulf
of Mexico. Approximately one-third of the population of the United
States lives within a 600-mile radius of Montgomery.

Montgomery's municipal affairs are directed by a nine-member
City Council and a mayor. They are elected for terms of four
years. The Montgomery County Commission consists of five members
elected to four-year terms. Montgomery Public Schools is a county-
wide system and is led by a seven-member elected Board Of
Education. View Alabama's State, U.S. House of Representatives
and Senate for more information on other elected officials.

Property Tax
Residential is assessed at 10%:
State $0.65 per $100 of assessed value
County $1.55 per $100 of assessed value
City $1.25 per $100 of assessed value
Combined rate is $3.45 per $100 of assessed value

Sales Tax
Sales tax in the city of Montgomery is 10% (4% state, 3.5% city,
2.5% county)
Sales tax for automobiles is 3.583%.

Corporate Income Tax
The state rate is 6.5%. Federal tax is an allowed deduction for
state income tax.

Individual Income Tax
Sliding scale up to 5%. Federal tax is an allowed deduction for
state income tax.

The Montgomery (AL) Public School System consists of all public
schools in Montgomery County. There are about 33,500 students in
our 35 elementary schools, eleven junior/middle schools and eight
high schools. In addition to these schools, the system has two
non-traditional programs as well as three schools designed to
educate the physically and/or mentally impaired. The Montgomery
Public School System employs about 4,000. The system is governed
by a seven-member elected Board. The Board appoints the
superintendent. For more information, registration and more,
please visit the Montgomery County Public Schools online at

Montgomery County's private schools enroll about 15 percent of
school-age children, the 1990 Census shows. Demographers estimate
that the 2000 Census figures on private school enrollment will
show at least a 2 percent increase. The area's independent and
parochial schools are accredited by the Southern Association of
Colleges and Schools or by the Alabama Independent School

There are 12 public schools in the Autauga County system -
six elementary, one middle/junior high, one junior high and two
high schools. The system also has two K-12 schools. Three
private schools in Autauga County boast an enrollment of nearly
600 K4-12 students.

There are 15 public schools in the Elmore County system - five
elementary, five junior highs, four high schools and one
technical school. The student population numbers 10,088. Four
private schools in Elmore County boast an enrollment of more than
600 K4-12th grade students.

The Montgomery area is served by an integrated railroad system,
four airlines, 48 motor freight lines, a national bus line, and
a city bus line with 11 fixed routes, Demand Response Services
and Paratransit Service. Additionally, the Montgomery Area
Transit System (MATS) operates the Lightning Route Trolley System,
which circulates through downtown Montgomery every 20 minutes.

Major arteries I-65 and I-85 intersect in Montgomery. U.S.
Highways 31, 231, 331, 80 and 82 are routed through the city. All
five highways are connected with four lane roads encompassing
the city.

The Alabama River is navigable south to the Gulf of Mexico and
north to the Great Lakes. Montgomery is approximately 190 miles
north of the Gulf of Mexico.

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