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daniel_anaDaniel & Ana

Daniel & Ana is named after the wealthy siblings Daniel and Ana Torres. Daniel attends high school as Ana prepares for her wedding. Daniel tentatively moves forward with his girlfriend. His biggest concern is not owning a car. Ana's problem is that her fiance Rafa has been offered a job in Spain. He wants to take the job; she wants to remain in Mexico City with her family. Then three men kidnap the brother and sister and sexually assault them in a way that makes them feel especially culpable. They are released physically unharmed but in a state of complete shock.

The acting is excellent, especially by Marimar Vega as the sexy and confident Ana. The scene in which she and Daniel are kidnapped is chilling and graphic. The also beautiful Dario Yazbeck Bernal successfully conveys Daniel's vulnerability. However, though their initial paralysis is portrayed with painstaking realism, the audience sees absolutely no line between the initial assault and Daniel's eventual actions. His later reaction comes across as unbelievable and sensationalistic. The clueless parents are not at fault, but they are pushed to the background and thus not particularly sympathetic. 

Clinically shot and scored with overplayed bits of classical music, this attempt to raise awareness about coerced victims of pornography is ostensibly a true story. Unfortunately, this tale of close siblings forced apart is more disturbing than moving, thanks to muddy psychology.

Spanish with English subtitles

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